Saturday, June 29, 2013

The SB Depot Dud Had Me Happy To Be Back With My Regular Saturday Gateway Park Town Talk Rut

In the picture you are looking at my handlebars above a cliff above the Trinity River in Gateway Park.

Last Saturday, from this same location, I said that today I was going to break free of my Saturday Gateway Park Town Talk rut and go instead to SB Depot in Arlington.


I had to be in Arlington yesterday. Which made it make sense to go to SB Depot, then, since I was in the neighborhood.

Last week, after I mentioned I was going to go to SB Depot today, Stenotrophomonas told me I would like the SB Depot cooler much more than the Town Talk cooler.

I somehow construed what Stenotrophomonas told me to mean I would like SB Depot better than Town Talk.

However, I'd barely driven on to the SB Depot parking lot when I decided this place was a dud. A big DUD.

It was coming up on noon and there were only a couple cars in the parking lot. Inside the store was a ghost town. The touted International Food Court was empty of anyone from any nation. The sole checkout person appeared to be napping.

And then I found the SB Depot cooler and got what Stenotrophomonas meant. This cooler was so big all of Town Talk could fit inside. However, the SB Depot cooler was mostly empty and what was in there was nothing I wanted.

I quickly left SB Depot and continued on to Cho Saigon and then ALDI.

Now, back to today. I had myself a really fine time biking the Gateway Park mountain bike trail. The trails are in great shape, which enabled some high speed pedaling.

And then it was on to Town Talk to cool off in Town Talk's tiny cooler.

I filled an entire shopping cart at Town Talk today. That has never happened before. I got Pineapples, Oranges, Asparagus, Mangoes, Romaine Lettuce, Yellow Peppers, Avocados, Green Beans, Rainier Cherries from Wenatchee, dozens of Tyson All Natural Chicken Legs and other stuff I am not remembering right now.

I guess I am okay with my Saturday Town Talk rut. I do enjoy it. And since there really are so few things I enjoy, I suppose I should just be happy to stay in my familiar rut....

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Stenotrophomonas said...

Well, the SB cooler would've been better had we been at 105 degrees Saturday.....
SB is more of a wholesale and bulk operation, and not a random treasure hunt like TT. I work next door, but I do not own a restaurant. So I can't use a 10 pound bag of dried chili peppers, cases of curry mixes, a 20# box of frozen fish or 50# bags of rice. But I did buy a case of 12 large ataulfo mangoes for $8, some spices and my weekly bag of hot garlic Filipino corn nuts on my break Sunday.
When I'm there I see people like me picking up some things that are hard to find elsewhere, and some folks who are obviously feeding more folks than live in their house. The latter are not likely to be shopping around noon.
Not the kind of place I would go 15 miles out of my way for, but worth a stop when in the neighborhood, and probably more interesting than the place next to Home Depot that won't let me shop there without proving that I sell food.
And that cooler is nice when I take a hike during my break in the summertime.