Sunday, June 2, 2013

The First Sunday Of June Back On The Tandy Hills Averting A Burnt Chicken Catastrophe

Smog Free Fort Worth Skyline View
I do not remember when it was I was last on the Tandy Hills prior to this first Sunday of June.

I also do not remember the last time the view from the top of Mount Tandy, of the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth, was through such a clear blue sky, with zero smog putting a damper on the blue.

The wildflowers have now greatly abated, with the Tandy Hills being about as totally green as they will be, before the relentless heat of summer turns the hills my favorite color.


Years ago an amusing nurse, known as the Fat Lady, informed me that my signature color was brown.

I was only a couple hills into my hill hiking when I realized I'd not turned off the chicken cooking oven before I left my abode.

I frantically called Miss Puerto Rico, who has key access to my abode, to ask that she turn off my oven, if she was in the vicinity.

No answer.

I then went into running up the hills mode to quickly return to my means of motorized transport to quickly transport myself back to possibly burning chicken.

Just as I reached my motorized transport my phone made its incoming call noise.

It was Miss Puerto Rico indicating she had received my message and had turned off the oven.

And that she'd taken 3 pieces of chicken as payment for her services.

Is forgetting to turn off an oven an early sign of senility?

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