Saturday, June 22, 2013

Messing With My Little Sister Finding A Bigger Crazy Sister Behind Her

Last night, on Facebook, via the Fort Worth Connie D,  I saw what you see on the left.

It amused me, due to the fact that it happened to be true, regarding my personal sister sibling situation.

Because if you mess with my little sister there is both a bigger sister and a crazy sister behind her, with the crazy one being the one you really don't wanna mess with.

By mess with, I mean be in the same room, or state, with.

There were multiple comments to Connie D's crazy sister thing, but the first two were the most amusing ones, what with Nina saying that in her family the sentiment expressed is not the case, because the baby sister would rip you apart.

While Holly said her sister would have sold her to Gypsies had the opportunity presented itself.

Now, my own baby sister would not rip me apart, except in an argument, because she's a lawyer, and that is what they do.

However, the crazy sister, well, at various points in time I am sure she would have sold any one of her siblings to Gypsies if she got the chance.

This morning I found out that my crazy sister has been removed from Facebook. I have no idea what type craziness one does to get oneself removed from Facebook.

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Anonymous said...

I'm privy to learn that your big sis has returned to Facebook. Her "time out" is left a mystery. Signed, Anonymous in fear of getting exciled.