Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Trying To Walk Around Fosdick Lake Under A Bumbershoot Before Going Yogurt Hunting

In the picture you are looking slightly northeast from the Oakland Lake Park pavilion overlook, looking at Fosdick Lake, on a stormy next to last Wednesday of the 2nd month of 2013.

When I left my abode precipitation was precipitating not too precipitously. Within a mile the precipitation was in downpour mode.

By the time I got to Oakland Lake Park the precipitation had slowed up. So, I parked, got out my bumbershoot and proceeded to see if going on a walk was doable.

I quickly found I was not attired to a level sufficient to provide the needed cold buffer. And I also quickly found that the wind wreaked havoc with my bumbershoot. Plus the wind blew precipitation past the bumbershoot protection, thus rendering that rain shielding device a bit useless.

I ended up going on a very short walk before retreating to the relative comfort of my vehicle's interior space.

On Saturday Town Talk was a bit low on yogurt. By this morning I was also low on yogurt. I like my yogurt. So, after the cold, wind and rain aborted my walking, I headed to Town Talk where I found myself a couple cases of yogurt. One of which was a new, to me, flavor, that being pear. The other was peach.

Early this morning I found myself throwing together a casserole, with no directions, I mean, recipe.

I cooked two cups of brown rice in the rice cooker, then tossed that in a big bowl. I had a large container of Chobani plain Greek yogurt that I mixed with the rice. Then I added a chopped up onion and a lot of celery. And chunks of ham. Poured in a little olive oil and some lemon juice. Then some garlic and pepper. Mixed this all up, then spooned it into a glass casserole dish. Then I grated a lot of cheese of various sorts on top. Baked this concoction til it got all bubbly and the cheese got a bit browned.

And the result?

Very tasty.

In addition to cooking something I'd never cooked before, this morning I also found myself giving instructions I'd never given before. That being instructions to a pair of poodles as to how to upload a YouTube video and then put the video code into their blog.

Poodles are such smart dogs. Almost like talking to humans...


No TX School Marm said...

I had to get out the Windex spray after reading your sentence of precariously propagated variations on precipitation.
I probably would not have happened if I had not tried to read that sentence out loud.

Durango said...

No TX School Marm, I am very sorry my sentence of precariously propagated variations on precipitation caused you to do some window cleaning. If you could kindly email me your mailing address I can send you a bottle of window cleaner to make up for what I caused you to lose. Not Windex though. Instead, a generic knockoff.