Sunday, February 3, 2013

I Did Not Ride A Recumbent Bike With The Village Creek Indian Ghosts Today Before The Super Bowl

No, that is not me on a recumbent bike.

All sorts of things slowed me up this 1st Sunday of the 2nd month of 2013.

So, I exited my abode intending to skip my regular salubrious endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation acquired via walking, running, hiking or biking and instead just go to Walmart to get some Super Bowl Party supplies.

Including an air bed.

But, when I exited my abode, and was hit with a very good feeling outer world, I decided to go for a walk with the Indian Ghosts who haunt the Village Creek Natural Historical Area in Arlington, before going to Walmart.

I saw six recumbent bikers biking with the Indian Ghosts today. I have never understood the attraction of recumbent biking.

Among the things that slowed me up today was getting caught up in an instant message texting frenzy with Frita Fremont. Frita was doing her frenzied instant messaging from Seattle, but I do not know if Frita Fremont was at the Fremont Sunday Market at the time.

Frita claimed I was acting all outraged in text message mode. Something to do with using a lot of exclamation points. All I was exclaiming was my bewilderment as to why Frita was inquiring about very very personal information, such as asking me what my shoe size is.

I do not believe I have ever asked anyone what their shoe size is. Or had anyone ask me mine. I shuddered at the impertinence, alarmed as to what followup questions would be asked if I allowed this particular line of questioning to continue.

Changing the subject from my mysterious shoe size to Walmart.

The store was a zoo. I suspect I was not the only one getting last minute Super Bowl Party supplies.

My Super Bowl Party menu is sweet potato chips, oven-fried chicken breast strips, coated with my proprietary whole wheat coating with 7 secret spices, oven-roasted garlic, olive oil red spuds, guacamole with cranberry, raspberry and pomegranate juice Sangria being the healthy libation.

I must figure out how to blow up an air bed now....


Betty Jo Bouvier said...

Your Superbowl menu sounds yummy. But, just what part of Superbowl needs a blow up mattress?

Durango said...

Betty Jo-----You're right, the Super Bowl buffet was tasty. As for the giant air mattress. Maybe it is a Texas thing to have a giant air mattress on the floor in front of the Super Bowl TV. Or maybe I only have 4 beds and one sofabed and don't let anyone drive home if they've enjoyed way to much of my Cranberry Sangria.