Friday, November 9, 2012

Is Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price Auditioning For Dancing With The Stars?

Betsy Price & Elsie Hotpepper
Among the many reasons Fort Worth is the Envy of the Nation, making towns far and wide Green with Envy, is the spirited young lass who we are proud to have as our mayor, Betsy Price.

That is Betsy Price in the picture.

Elsie Hotpepper sent me this photo of Betsy. I believe this photo was taken at the dedication of the JFK tribute sculpture in downtown Fort Worth, Thursday morning.

My sources tell me, and I must admit I have no way to verify this, except for the photo, that at some point in the ceremony, when music started filling the air, Betsy Price jumped up and began to dance a rather elaborate, looked to be professionally choreographed, dance routine.

Is Betsy trying to follow in fellow Texan, Tom Delay's, footsteps and get herself on Dancing with the Stars? I can see Betsy being a better partner for Maksim Chmerkovsky than Kirstie Alley is currently being.

Betsy Price is in incredibly good shape due to her bike riding regimen. I believe no other American mayor in a city the size of Fort Worth rides her bike to work. Yet one more reason why Fort Worth is the Envy of the Nation.

And did I mention that Betsy is a fashionista? I guess this goes without saying, what with the photo example above of high fashion on parade, I mean, dancing.


Steve A said...

Even Durango has to admit the style and approach to things contrast with Mike Moncrief is pretty easy to spot. I've liked Betsy a lot ever since we met at the 2010 "Working for Clean Air" awards.

Durango said...

Yes, Steve A, I must admit I like Betsy. I've revised my history and am now claiming I voted for her.

Anonymous said...

Nice article. Mayor Price strikes me as a highly capable individual. And as a 56 year old guy, I can honestly say that Betsy Price is a good looking woman in my humble opinion. Her spouse, Tom Price is a lucky guy.