Saturday, November 3, 2012

JFK Said There Are No Faint Hearts In Fort Worth

On November 22 it will be 49 years since John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas.

JFK began his last day, alive, in Fort Worth, along with First Lady, Jackie.

JFK gave a speech in Fort Worth on his final morning. If I remember right Jackie remained in their hotel room, looking out the window, causing cheers to erupt from the audience, when she was spotted.

For years now, maybe going all the way back to when I first was exiled to Texas I have been hearing about the need for a memorial of some sort to JFK in Fort Worth.

Well, this is finally going to happen. I believe the statue has already been installed in its location in General Worth Square at Main and 8th Street in beautiful downtown Fort Worth.

The public is invited to the dedication of the John F. Kennedy sculpture at 9:00 AM Thursday, November 8.

November 8?

Why is this dedication not taking place on the morning of the 49th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination? As in the morning of November 22.

Very perplexing.

There is a JFK Tribute website where you can learn more about the JFK Tribute.

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