Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday Afternoon Chills After I Did Not Go Over A Cliff At Gateway Park Pedaling Past The Park's Armadillo Corpse

The sun had not yet heated the outer world to over 100 degrees, today, when I pedaled past the Gateway Park murdered armadillo corpse, on my way to the entry to the FWMBA mountain bike trail.

Due to trees and underbrush providing a thick jungle-like canopy, the almost total shade makes for a totally non-HOT mountain biking experience in Gateway Park.

On Saturday, when my sister who lives in Arizona went hiking with me on the Tandy Hills, she was lamenting about the lack of shade trees along her walking paths in the desert she calls home.

Shade is a good thing.

In the picture above you are looking over my handlebars at the Trinity River. Usually my digital camera somehow turns the Trinity River water into a color that makes it look much more appealing, and blue, than it actually looks.

I don't know what made the difference, but today my digital camera managed to accurately capture the actual slimy green color of the Trinity River, in its current state of being perfect for a bacteria-laden inner tube float.

In the picture it appears I am at the Trinity River's edge. In reality my handlebars are at the edge of a cliff about 40 feet above the river. Pedaling fast on the Gateway Park FWMBA mountain bike trail, if one were to make a wrong turn, at a key point, one might find oneself flying into the river.

As I sit here typing I've been noticing the temperature plummeting, as measured by my computer based weather monitoring device. In a very short time we have gone from being over 100 to a slightly chilly 88, supposedly with light rain, as you can via the graphic below. I must step outside and see if I feel chilly and slightly dampened.

Well, stepping outside I could feel the chill, but I felt no light rain. But, clouds have arrived and I can see where rain might be currently falling on parts of this great metropolis.

This has been a rather rapid invasion of clouds. When I was in the outer world a couple hours ago, at Gateway Park, I don't recollect seeing any clouds.

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Steve A said...

Right now, it's 63 - feels like 63 in Ocean Shores at the Ocean Shores Airport.