Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sharon Wilson's Freedom Of Speech Under Attack By Range Resources & The 2nd Republic Of Texas

I knew that Sharon Wilson and her Bluedaze blog were being harassed by a 2nd Republic of Texas agency called Range Resources. I figured the harassment would go away due to it being so wrong.

I seem to chronically make naive assumptions about current life in Texas.

Sharon Wilson bravely blogged, in a blogging titled My deposition with Range Resource was not what I expected about the 6 hour inquisition to which she was subjected.

When Rick Perry successfully led Texas to secede from the American Union, for the second time, there were those who warned that American liberties, like Freedom of Speech, would be in jeopardy.

Who would have guessed that the 2nd Republic of Texas would so quickly turn into a repressive totalitarian state?

I am so glad I decided to keep dual citizenship after Texas seceded, so I can plea for help from the American Embassy if Texas moves to stifle my Freedom of Speech.

No wonder, when Texas seceded for a second time, the rest of America said good riddance.

But, I think if this repressive state gets any more repressive, with more crackdowns on Freedom of Speech, there may come a groundswell in the remaining 49 states, with pleas to liberate Texas and restore Liberty to the repressed citizens of the 2nd Republic of Texas.

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