Thursday, August 30, 2012

On The Breezy Tandy Hills Running Hot & Cold While My Nephew Gives Me Weather Reports From Washington

Today I decided to induce some rare endorphin production via aerobic stimulation. My choice of location to get stimulated was the Tandy Hills. The Tandy Hills is my closest location for easy aerobic stimulation.

I don't think I've previously shown you the Tandy Trail I'm showing you in today's picture. This is a steep trail that one comes to on the north side of Tandy Falls. The trail heads west to the top of the View Street Ridge.

The trail at this location is way steeper than the picture makes it look. It's a fast track to aerobic stimulation and those much needed endorphins.

The temperature was very schizophrenic on the Tandy Hills today.  Exiting my vehicle on top of Mount Tandy I was blown by a good breeze that had a bit of refreshing coolness in it. The breezeless gullies at the bottom of hills were pockets of heat. The hot pockets gave me some good steam bath action, while the breezy ridges cooled me back down.

If I recollect correctly some time ago some cranky person complained that all I talk about is the weather, thus making me extremely boring. Maybe the word was boorish. I don't remember.

So, I got email from my eldest nephew last night, he being Spencer Jack's dad. In this email my apparent weather fixation is mentioned....

FU Durango---Because I know you like to follow the weather: Seattle is going on 37 days with no rain (info from ((they gauge the rainfall via a recording device at SeaTac airport))  Should no rain fall on this device prior to Sept. 12th, that will be 52 days, a Seattle all time record.  Possible drizzle expected tonight, however, if we make it through the evening dry, forecast is good for the next 7 plus days.   FNJason.

The FU in FU Durango are initials for Favorite Uncle. You might be able to figure out what the FN in FNJason are initials for.

Summer is a time of year that perplexes visitors to Seattle and Western Washington. The tourists come expecting rain and instead see nothing but clear sky.

I don't know if Lesser Seattle is still in operation. Lesser Seattle used to run a propaganda campaign where you never mentioned, via a letter, or on the phone, to an outsider, that the weather is being pleasant. You were supposed to always say it is raining. Most of the year this does not require lying. I think Lesser Seattle likely has given up the effort. Too many tourists come from all over the world, seeing clear skies and mountains.

I wonder why Fort Worth does not have a Lesser Fort Worth program to discourage visitors from visiting? The flood of tourists here gets really tiring. Particularly all the Canadians.


Marie said...

Hello, Durango! Thank you for your earlier recommendation of Tandy Hills for walkin'. I was all set to give it a go - that is - until your recent post with the cooler and the burial site. Yeesh! You may be glad to know I opted instead for the Japanese garden at Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. I didn't burn the calories you do, but I found some conifers and took in their scent. It's the little things, ya know? Praying now for an early fall and the gift of rain! Perhaps you can send me on my way to some fall color? Sans the creepy crime scene remnants, please. Many thanks!

Durango said...

Howdy Marie. I've never walked through the Japanese Garden, but I've walked all over the rest of the Botanical Garden. Come fall that is a great place to see some fall color.

You'll be seeing fall color all over North Texas, including some really bright oranges and reds the likes of which I never saw in the Pacific Northwest.

Don't let that creepy cooler and burial site deter you from the Tandy Hills. It'd likely take many visits before you accidented up that location. As of yesterday, the burial site and cooler remain exactly as I originally found them.