Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Looking For A Steam Bath On The Tandy Hills After Making Chile Rellenos And Learning Gar The Texan Made It Though His Latest Surgery

In the picture you are on top of Mount Tandy, at noon, on the last Tuesday of August of 2012, looking west across the wagon trail that leads to beautiful downtown Fort Worth, the stunning skyline of which you can see in the distance.

I was hoping for a good feeling steam bath today, courtesy of the humidity. But, the temperature being in the semi-chilly 80s did not make for a good steam bath.

Changing the subject from a steam bath to steaming chiles.

Yesterday I think I mentioned that I was roasting Hatch chiles that  I got from ALDI. The directions had you roasting the chiles, then putting them in a sealed container of some sort, so that the steam from the hot chiles would allow the skins to peel off easily.

I had no idea one had to peel a chile, or how that worked, or why it was needed to be done.

Well, it worked real well, the skins of the chiles pulled right off, leaving a chile that tasted like the chile one gets in a Chile Relleno, which is my favorite item of the Mexican food sort.

So, today I made a Chile Relleno casserole from the roasted and peeled Hatch chiles. Usually I don't think anything I cook tastes all that good, but, I have to say, this Chile Relleno casserole I made today may be the best Chile Relleno I've ever had.

Changing the subject from Chile Relleno to something else that needs to be roasted before peeling.

We've been worried sick about Gar the Texan. He went under the knife on Friday. Something to do with his hips needing to be replaced. No one had heard from Gar the Texan, post-surgery. Phone calls go to voice mail, email unanswered, no blogging, nothing on Facebook.

Well, Gar the Texan resurfaced today. The surgery went fine except for some inept nurses butchering his fingers when they found out he is diabetic.

I think Gar the Texan may be what motivates me to overdo the exercise thing. I see what's happened to that boy as some sort of cautionary tale, making me think I want to do all I can do to prevent that sort of decrepitude from happening to me when I get that old.

Having ones hips replaced sounds real dire. I remember when my grandma had her hips replaced. I think she was quite a bit older than Gar the Texan's current age. But, she was way more active than Gar the Texan.

And not a diabetic.


Steve A said...

"...inept nurses butchering his fingers when they found out he is diabetic" DEMANDS some more explanation as the hubby of a diabetic nurse!

Durango said...

Steve A---

Is your wife a nurse with diabetes? Or a nurse treating diabetics? For a clearer explanation of Gar the Texan's nurse butchered fingers go to his blog....


Gar said...

I am not a diabetic. I am a human being.

Have you ever watched "Elephant Man"?

I wonder how many other diseases give people a named category.

I'm glad that I motivate you to exercise. I understand you are in dire need of much motivation. After that other incident that you don't talk about.

Durango said...

The very first time I met you you pedaled your bike on the Knob Hill Trail on the west end of Lake Grapevine. After pedaling a couple hundred feet you stopped so I could experience something I'd not experienced before, that being someone having an Attack of the Vapors. When you were again able to speak you said to me, "I probably should have let you know, I am a Diabetic."

And now, all these decades later, for some reason you don't want being a Diabetic to be your primary identifier. It's not like it's something to be ashamed of.

As for something you should be ashamed of.

You promised never to reference, in any form, that other incident that I don't talk about. And now you have done so. I thought I could trust you, but apparently I was erroneous in that belief.

Gar said...

I probably said it that way because of the hyperventilating vapors. I had to enunciate in a form you'd understand.

As for the reference, I have, indeed, kept my promise as my reference was in reference to something completely different, but your aged and addled defense mechanisms have come to the conclusion that I was referencing that which I promised not to reference. So, you sir, have in fact, referenced the incident that you made me promise not to reference.

Durango said...

Sorry Gar, I should have realized that that was not the incident to which you were referring. Like you said, my aged, addled mind has trouble coping with understanding even easy to understand things, these days.