Friday, August 17, 2012

I Am A Hot Mess With No Pool & No Mountains To Climb

In the picture you are looking at the mid-afternoon, semi-cloudy, 3rd Friday of August view from my secondary viewing portal on the outer world.

The turquoise thing at the bottom of the picture is my swimming pool. I went swimming in that pool this morning. This morning may be the last time I swim in that pool for awhile.

A pump malfunction, again, will require some water withdrawal. I do not know how long this will take. If it takes too long I will also be suffering withdrawal, as in withdrawal from my daily dose of endorphins which cause me to feel real good real early in the morning.

I see a bad bout of grouchiness in my near future.

I think I mentioned last week that this week one of my nephews would be here. Well, he got to D/FW yesterday. He thinks he is in Lewiston. Lewiston is a town in Idaho.

Today my nephew left Texas, to go to Texas Light, that being Oklahoma. I got a text message telling me, among some other things, "going to OK today, Fort Worth Saturday."

I am guessing my nephew is going to Oklahoma to go to either the WinStar Casino or the Choctaw Casino.

Or both.

My nephew lives in a very casino deprived area, with only a few casinos in the Phoenix metro area, and such a long drive to Las Vegas, so I can totally understand why, on his first day in Texas, he'd want to leave Texas to go to Oklahoma to gamble.

My nephew's mom and dad, that being my sister and my favorite brother-in-law, may be coming to D/FW in September, for the first time, to attend the wedding that is the reason my nephew is here now.

I do not know if my sister and favorite brother-in-law will also make a beeline to Oklahoma soon upon their arrival in Texas.

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