Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gar The Texan's World Has Become A Black Narcissistic Solipsistic Place

I was on Facebook and got the important update that Gar the Texan has renamed his blog. I can't tell you how excited I was to see what the new name was.

But, when I clicked on Gar the Texan's blog I saw no new name. All I saw was a big world with a guy in black laying on the world.

I commented on Gar the Texan's blog that I saw no new name. Within a minute or two, Gar the Texan commented on my comment and added the missing name. Which is currently sort of the version you see above.

Gar's World is the new name. With originally a subtitle of  "The tales and opinions of a narcissistic solipsist (or a solipsistic narcissist). This was quickly changed, again, losing the part in parentheses.

I believe it will quickly grow tiresome keeping track of these awesome changes to Gar the Texan's blog.

I somehow thought Gar the Texan was going to change the black color scheme, due to all the feedback he got from his legion of readers, telling him the black color scheme reminded them of some sort of "Adult" website.

I'm not one to make recommendations to anyone about much of anything, but if I were, I would recommend changing the color of "Gar's World" from its current, almost invisible color, to white.

1 comment:

Gar said...

Thanks! Soon I will be changing the content to become more "Adult" oriented. I think.