Monday, July 30, 2012

White Energy Pickups & Other Quanah Parker Park Puzzles

On Saturday, driving west on Randol Mill Road, on my way to Gateway Park and Town Talk, I noticed an odd thing going on in Quanah Parker Park.

There were several white pickup trucks on the grass near the Quanah Parker Park Pecan Tree that is some sort of heritage tree, or some such distinction.

I saw orange construction type fencing, but could not make out what was being done to the park from my vantage point from the road. I figured I'd check it out later, but then forgot about it til today.

So, after I cooled off by walking around Fosdick Lake I drove to Quanah Parker Park.

Well, as soon as I entered the park I knew something hinky was going on. I'll get to the hinky thing in a bit.

Upon close perusal, the area fenced in by the orange netting appears to be some sort of raised road bed, made of what looked like beauty bark, leading from the Quanah Parker Park parking lot to the edge of the bank above the Trinity River.

I am fairly certain I have made mention, many a time previous, regarding my aversion to white pickup trucks. Particularly if any combo of words that includes the word "energy" is on the white pickup truck.

Upon arrival at the entry to Quanah Parker Park I saw two white pickup trucks, both of which had the word "energy," among other words, painted on them.

I took the picture of the two white pickup trucks when I was leaving Quanah Parker Park, a zoomed view through my windshield.

That yellow barrier you see on the road is a metal grate covering 3 water pipelines. The 3 water pipelines run into the park for a couple hundred feet and then terminate. It appears more pipes need to arrive to complete the connection to the Trinity River so the water sucking can begin.

What this has to do with the raised beauty bark road, I have no clue. There are many access points to get to the river prior to the Quanah Parker Park parking lot and its new orange netting lined beauty bark road.

How is it that trucks with the word "energy" on them can put up an obstruction like this in a public park with no signage explaining what is going or, with no permits displayed?

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