Tuesday, July 17, 2012

When Are The Bloggerman & Catwoman Going To Camp Bowie Bingo?

Almost every week since Camp Bowie Bingo opened for business I have had the good intention to make a visit.

A couple weeks ago the Camp Bowie Bingo Mistress, Miss Teresa, informed me I could visit Camp Bowie Bingo to check it out and take pictures without needing to play Bingo.

I have also had the good intention to visit the new location of the Paradise Center, but have not made it there.

This morning I saw a comment on the Paradise Center Scandal blog from X-Cowtowner chastising me and the Catwoman for not playing bingo.

This is what X-Cowtowner had to say.......

Say, Bloggerman. When are you and the Catwoman gonna go play bingo at that new Camp Bowie Bingo so you can take pictures and tell used readers living far away your impression of the venue?? You've always been really good about reporting what you had experienced. You've done plenty of reporting on the excesses, incompetencies, and corruption that are part and parcel to living in your area of Texas {and my place of birth}. How about a positive and uplifting report about these courageous Americans? 

I am fairly certain that the Catwoman X-Cowtowner refers to is CatsPaw.

I did make an attempt to go to Camp Bowie Bingo on its pre-Grand Opening practice night. But, I drove up and down Camp Bowie Boulevard unable to locate Camp Bowie Bingo. I understand there are now signs marking the location so easily confused people, such as myself, can find the place.

Camp Bowie Bingo has a website where you can find out when and where to go play bingo. Camp Bowie Bingo is also on Facebook, where you can find up to date Camp Bowie Bingo info.


Anonymous said...

Yeah thanks for keeping us informed, brother Jones.

Does Beale, your tipster extraordinaire, have any more dirt on Granger or the super hefty Startlegram reporter?

X- case manager said...

Amen, anonymous. We dare you to go to this Camp Bowie Bingo with Catspaw dressed as our favorite superhero Batman.

It's a good thing if this new bingo hall doesn't rent out expensive computers that can play sixty-six game cards at one time vs. the 9-18 game cards most people can play. Something totally unfair about such a situation, IMO.

BTW, you have no idea how much loss mhmrtc and their friends suffered as the byproduct of your blog's exposure. Melissa Gibbons is no longer making money off of the mentally ill. Nor is BRAVO Health after that scandal that Jim "Dr." McDermott orchestrated. The ruthless mental health consumers mhmrtc and mcdermott used as puppets are gone, most notably Tony "smile"/"the manager"/pool table expert and loopy Lynne who thought they could do what Theresa and Paradise Center (as if!). Of course, the people living with serious mental illness and our community suffered the greatest loss. Not McDermott and his bureaucratic pals given the public trust...and public money.