Friday, July 20, 2012

Thunder Claps Over F-Town With The Power Restored For Now

Around 5 this afternoon I left my domicile and was surprised to see a wall of clouds to the north, with lightning striking.

I did not know this was in the forecast.

A short time later I was back in my abode, with suddenly a strong wind blowing. A short time later the power went out.

When the power came back on I emailed my sister in Tacoma, who earlier had told me lightning was striking T-Town, to tell her that lightning was now striking F-Town.

I am suddenly struck, not by lightning, but by how appropriate it is to refer to Fort Worth as F-Town.

And now, barely after 6 in the afternoon, the SEVERE THUNDERSTORM, warned about in the above warning, has arrived.

Thunder is clapping to the left of me, to the right of me, and above me.

Rain is falling in copious amounts. But not quite, so far, in Biblical proportions. I need not angst about getting my ark ready for an immediate sailing.



Steve A said...

I almost got blown off my bike in my last half mile going home. Boltmeter shows lightning in all directions.

Anonymous said...

Local weather reports: Thunder rattled hardest through the Thunderbird neighborhood in East Mt. Vernon this morning.

Anonymous said...

F-Town is a cool sounding name for Fort Worth. Better than Funky Town or Fort Lurch.

CatsPaw said...

Yes, but for Durango, that's likely to morph into "Effed-Town."