Monday, July 23, 2012

How To Write Good

I saw these 10 Steps to Writing Good on Facebook this morning. I found it to be amusing and so I swiped it. I think I'm guilty of all these crimes against good writing, to some degree.

The worst Cliche Monkey whose cliche ridden prose I occasionally try to understand is the stuff Gar the Texan writes on his rambling blog. I think if Gar the Texan was forbidden to use cliches it would render the boy mute.


Mr Galtex said...

For a longer and even funnier guide to "How to Write Good", google michael o'donoghue how to write good, which will lead you to an article in the March 1971 issue of National Lampoon. I'm old enough that I read it when it was first published.

Suddenly I am run over by a truck.

Gar said...

I leave town for a week & you start your undiluted disparaging display of disgust. It's like a mad monkey on the back of society.

Durango said...

Garbo, thank you for not ending one of your sentences with a preposition.

Gar said...

I couldn't figure out which sentence to use the preposition on.