Monday, July 2, 2012

Hot Hiking In The Tandy Hills Natural Steam Bath

Smoggy View Of Downtown Fort Worth
That is the smoggy stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth you are looking at, past a wildflower blowing in the wind.

Some clouds were blocking some of the incoming sun rays in the noon time frame, a wind was blowing. the temperature was in the low 80s.

I figured I could do myself some Tandy Hills hill hiking today without overheating like being in a natural steam bath.

I figured wrong.

In summers previous I'd do Tandy Hill hiking when the temperature was above 100 without having steam bath issues.

I am being very perplexed as to the reason why I am overheating.

Could it be that I am weighing more than last summer and the summer before that? But, I thought that weight gain was all muscle.

1 comment:

Alienengineer said...

That there ain't smog. It is the natural result of the reason you were in a steam bath.
It's almost New Orleansian out there today...