Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Don't Mess With Texas Because If You Kill Someone We Will Kill You Back

Late last night, Elsie Hotpepper sent me the picture of the above sign that she came upon during one of her extensive travels across Texas.

Prior to reading it on this sign, I knew that it was unwise to mess with TEXAS.

I also knew that many Texas citizens carried concealed weapons.

I also knew there was an eye for an eye Texas tendency, where if you kill someone, without a good reason, you'll likely also be killed. Sometimes by the state, sometimes by a self-justified angry Texan.

I actually did not know that Texans enjoy their gunfights because gunfights are a Texas tradition. Though this new information does not surprise me.

I also did not know that there are 120 prisons in Texas. That is a lot of prisons.


Anonymous said...

I believe that Texas sign photo is fake and has been digitally altered with the help of a software program such as Photoshop. I can tell by the pixels that it is a fake.

Perhaps Leslie Hasenfeffer can provide some proof of the photo's authenticity.

Robert said...

This sign is complete B.S. regardless of whether or not it is Photoshopped. My mother was murdered by her Ex-Boyfriend in 2006 and the jerk got a whopping 12 years. This happened in Texas. I was in the military stationed in Maryland at the time.

Robert said...
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Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter if its fake.. there's no place like tx

Anonymous said...

I live in Texas and can tell you that this isn't the only one