Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day After Day Of Being HOT Makes Cool Western Washington Very Inviting

We are already to the second Sunday of July. I think I've mentioned previously that I tire of time seeming to fly by ever faster.

This morning I drove up to Hurst to go to ALDI. Driving through the 820/121 road construction zone is getting very adventurous. I've not driven west on 121 since the construction project began. I believe the drive is adventurous is multiple locations.

I don't know what is wrong with my picture taking ability. Or my camera. I took the picture you are looking at at around 11 this morning. Looking at the picture one would think it is dark and stormy here. Even though the forecaster's forecast for today is for dark and stormy, currently the outer world at my location is mostly sunny.

Sunny and humid. Though the temperature is only 82 it apparently feels like 97 due to that vexing humidity being at 71%.

To escape HOT Texas the itinerant Galtex's decided to escape the HEAT by going to Chicago. Where it is even HOTTER than Texas.

I am hoping to escape the Texas HEAT by going to Washington in August.

My weather luck will probably be like the Galtex's, with me arriving just in time for the annual heat wave.

A heat wave in Washington, well, Western Washington, is 3 days in a row over 80. Heat waves in Western Washington rarely last longer than 3 days due to all that HOT air causing a cooling marine air flow to blow in from the Pacific, bringing natural air-conditioning.

I was in the pool for over an hour this morning. I think that may be a record. The temperature has now gone up to 87 in just the few minutes I've spent typing this blogging. With the humidity now making it feel like 101.

I guess that means it is time for me to take my daily steam bath. Today's will be with the Indian Ghosts who haunt the Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

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Mr Galtex said...

The Chicago paper made the dramatic statement that the city had suffered "more than 6 days of over 90° temps" at which we laughed heartily. I don't think we get 6 days *under* 90° between May and October.

I bet your escape from the heat will be more successful than ours, but Chicago is an awfully nice place, heat or not.