Friday, January 7, 2011

Josh Fox, Gasland Director, Calls For Civil Disobedience, Uses Fort Worth As Example Of What Happens When You Don't Fight Back

That is Josh Fox, director of Gasland the Movie, winner of multiple awards and worldwide acclaim, waving at you in the picture while giving a speech in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania is a state where the Marcellus Shale drillers pump their poisonous fracking fluids in to Pennsylvania rivers.

In his speech Josh Fox uses examples from the Barnett Shale as a cautionary tale, mentioning Fort Worth and its 10,000 gas wells. Mentioning the cancer cluster in Flower Mound. Mentioning the people made sick by the toxins in the air in DISH, courtesy of the huge natural gas operations in that Texas town.

Josh Fox explains how using Civil Disobedience is often the way things get done in America. Using Civil Disobedience to right wrongs is actually one of the concepts the Founding Fathers built into the U.S. Constitution, what with Freedom of Speech, the Freedom to Assemble. And various other Freedoms, all of which were put there to allow a single citizen to stand up to the powers that be.

Or the corrupt status quo.

Watch the YouTube video below of the Josh Fox Pittsburgh speech and hear what Josh had to say about Fort Worth and other parts of Texas...


Anonymous said...

Forget about it. There is only obedience to the powers that be in FW. And that ain't civil.

If what Mr. Fox and many others , including scientist fronm the EPA and universities, are saying is true...FW people are being poisoned slowly, but the fact that they don't seem to show much concern, much less resistance, about this...maybe folks like Mr. Fox are way of the mark. Or the people of FW's brain cells have been depleted which makes them unconcerned about this life-threatening reality.

Bravo to the few who speak up and protest against this imminent threat. Honor should go to the hamdful who stood up against the power and fought to protect their family and community (and some won).

The comment from Rep. Burnam is very disturbing. Very.

This is classic fight or flight.

Anonymous said...

This is the answer to my prayers!!
The boldness, integrity, and clarity of this speech by Josh Fox gives the citizens of PA, who have been robbed of property unjustly, and also physically disabled, by the corruption and greed of the gas companies, and also by the corruption and incompetence of the federal and state governments and their agencies, can now begin to hope. Thank you, Josh Fox. I hope that this movement, which you are leading, continues to gain momentum and strength, and finally achieves legilation outlawing fracking in the USA.

Anonymous said...

If I'm hearing him right, Josh is pretty much saying people around here are wusses and that the rest of the country should learn from us...and not allow our mistakes to be repeated elsewhere.

I guess being used as an example, even a bad one, is a distinction that would make folks in other areas "green with envy".