Friday, January 28, 2011

An Amazing Amount Of Litter Indicates It Is Perfectly Okay To Mess With Texas

I think one of the biggest industries in Texas must be the production of litter.

This is particularly noticeable when a lot of rain washes an amazing amount of litter into the Trinity River.

You see a lot of "Don't Mess With Texas" signs in Texas. I've been here for awhile now and I still don't understand this slogan. It obviously has nothing to do with no littering.

I took the picture with the "TRUE TO TEXAS" beer can at one of my favorite Fort Worth locations, Oakland Lake Park.

In this morning's Fort Worth Star-Telegram there was a litter letter-to-the-editor, with the litter letter writer making an amazing litter claim....

Road hazard

Passengers of designated drivers must consume a large volume of alcohol. On a two-mile stretch of highway south of Benbrook, I counted 1,638 cans that had been thrown out of vehicle windows. That was in addition to all the bottles.

Do you think a few people have forgotten "Don't mess with Texas"?

-- Allen McDermott, Fort Worth

I would think Mr. McDermott was exaggerating if I'd not seen similar things in Texas with my own eyes. But, I've never taken the time to count cans. I don't know if I could count that high without getting distracted.


Woolysheep said...

We have that problem in our neighborhood. It seems there is an awful lot of drinking while driving going on around here because everyday I seen new beer bottles and cans thrown out on the park and neighbors lawns lining Westcreek Drive.

So not only are these folks doing this dangerous, they are dangerous A-holes too.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever pick up litter on your hikes?

Durango said...

Mr. or Ms. Anonymous, I pick up litter all the time, not just on hikes.

Bosco said...

I noticed an empty 40 ounce (not mine) on a fence post at Tandy Park last Sunday when I was in east Cowtown.

I'll be in east Fort Worth again tomorrow taking household chemical waste to the Bridge St. collection site.