Monday, February 8, 2016

Taking Miss Puerto Rico To The Airport Getting Goose Eggs On The Way

This morning I was informed that if I gave the go ahead a designated mailbox on Randol Mill Road would have some Goose Eggs installed in it.

Around one I picked up Miss Puerto Rico to deliver her to Terminal E at D/FW International.

When I did not go the regular way to get on the freeway Miss Puerto Rico said nothing. When I crossed the freeway, on Randol Mill Road, without getting on the freeway, Miss Puerto Rico said nothing.

Soon Miss Puerto Rico was seeing a lot of cows and saying look at all those cows. It was around then I was to learn that after two decades of living in the neighborhood Miss Puerto had never driven down Randol Mill Road east of I-820. She had no idea she was living so close to farms with cattle and horses.

Then came the fun part. Just as Miss Puerto Rico was pointing out one particular farm house and its critters I pulled into that farm house's driveway, put the vehicle in park, walked over to the mailbox and extracted two boxes and then got back in the vehicle.

What's going on? asked Miss Puerto Rico. It's just a contraband pickup said I. No big deal. I need to check and make sure all is in order. So I opened a box and pulled out a giant Goose Egg.

Miss Puerto Rico seemed to be a bit befuddled for a bit. I don't think Miss Puerto Rico is familiar with farms, because she was fixated on the electric fence warning signs, asking what goes on there that they have an electrified fence. You've never touched an electric fence? asked I. It just gives a little buzz, to keep the cows from escaping.

Soon after I turned north on to Precinct Line Road Miss Puerto Rico got out her phone so as to take a photo of a Goose Egg. Precinct Line Road is very bumpy, so this was not working out too well, with Miss Puerto Rico holding a Goose Egg in one hand whilst trying to take a picture with the other hand.

So, I hit the brakes, came to a stop, took the Goose Egg from Miss Puerto Rico, which is when she took the photo you see above.

Prior to Miss Puerto Rico texting me the above photo whilst she waits to board her plane I was back home and took the photo you see below of two giant Goose Eggs surrounded my a dozen mini-goose eggs, which were also in the mailbox.

Terminal E is currently a construction mess. I hit the worst pothole I've ever hit soon after dropping off Miss Puerto Rico. I'm surprised that pothole jolt did not result in scrambled Goose Eggs.

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