Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sending Valentines Day Jeep Pictures To Puerto Rico

This morning when I woke up my phone I saw an urgent text message from Miss Puerto Rico.

I think I have previously mentioned that Miss Puerto is currently visiting her home island and has left me with the task of cat sitting her babies, Coco and Belly Baby.

The text message asked me to take a picture of Miss Puerto Rico's Jeep.

Miss Puerto Rico took with her pictures of the babies, but not her Jeep. The reason for the picture of the Jeep request was because Miss Puerto Rico's dad wanted to see what the Jeep looked like. Today was the last day Miss PR will see her dad on this trip home, attending her dad's Valentines Day party in the Veterans residential place he now lives in.

So, that has been my exciting Valentines Day, taking Jeep pictures, sending them to Puerto Rico and altering Inwesco images. Don't ask, you don't need to know.....

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