Sunday, February 7, 2016

I Did Not Have An Amazing Race Experience At Fosdick Lake Today

 I needed to do something totally different than that which has annoyed me this morning. So, around noon I headed west to Fort Worth's Oakland Lake Park to have myself a semi-chilly walk around Fosdick Lake.

As I neared my parking location I saw that which you see here, an orange and red sign which had me temporarily thinking The Amazing Race must be in town again.

Upon closer examination I saw that this was not an Amazing Race Route Marker, but instead a new sign advising people to lock their vehicles and hide valuables.

That which was annoying me this morning was brought about by Mary Not Contrary. Yesterday I was driving in a caravan with Mary in the lead. Upon reaching our destination, Mary informed me a light was out among the lights in the front of my vehicle.

I already had in my possession multiple replacement bulbs. I looked in the vehicle's manual to determine I had the correct bulb. I did. I then read the instructions as to how to replace the bulb. I got as far as the part where one removes the thing that holds the headlight. It went downhill from there.

So, I gave up my attempt at being a mechanic after determining this was a project for a professional.

Back to the walk around Fosdick Lake.

I probably should have been in long pants today. The wind blowing off the lake was chilly. Eventually I warmed up a little.

In the above photo you are looking northwest, with the aforementioned parking spot on the right, with the vehicle visible whose dead light vexed me this morning. That little white dot in the lake is the pitiful former Fosdick Fountain, which has been reduced to being the Fosdick Burble for years now.

Lunch awaits me, followed by going over to Miss Puerto Rico's for cat sitting instructions. I've never had to baby sit two of those difficult beasts before. This should be challenging. Ten days worth of challenging....

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Anonymous said... has a ton of how to videos. The videos for my car included where all the fasteners were that needed unfastening to get to the buld. They then showed how to button up the car after replacing the bulbs. Result!