Saturday, February 6, 2016

An Australian Saturday Lunch With Elsie & Mary Topped With Goose Eggs

I have ceased with my regular Saturday treasure hunting at Town Talk, for the most part.

This freed me, on this Saturday, to have lunch with a pair of birds, and to go goose egg harvesting.

The pair of birds I lunched with were Elsie Hotpepper and Mary Not Contrary.

No, that would not make that Elsie Hotpepper the Peahen you see here showing off her plumage on the fence, and that is not Mary Not Contrary being the big Goose chasing me out of her hen pen.

I met the pair of birds at an Austrailan restaurant in Hurst.

Australian cuisine seems to be very American. Except for the spud shaped stick of bread slapped on the table with a knife inserted.

I cut off a chunk of the stick of bread which then lodged in my throat causing a fit of choking which nearly required the intervention of a nearby nurse who specializes in such emergencies.

I had  myself an Australian burger, which I assume was not made from ground kangaroo, while the two birds had themselves plates of what looked to be bird food.

Several thousand words, and hours later, lunch was finished.

After the finishing of lunch we proceeded, via caravan mode, to head south to where Mary Not Contrary has a farm. Yes, Mary has a farm, but I saw no fleece as white as snow.

No sheep, but a lot of birds of various types. Also dogs and a newborn calf which shunned my attempt to nurse it with a bottle of warm milk.

The highlight of today's visit to Australia and Mary's Farm was for the first time ever seeing goose eggs. Goose eggs are HUGE. I had no idea. When I first saw the pile of goose eggs I asked if they were ostrich eggs, because I had seen HUGE ostrich eggs before.

Eventually I left the Mary Not Contrary Farm and headed further south, to ALDI, where I got a text message from Miss Puerto Rico asking when I was coming over to receive my cat sitting instructions.

I am exhausted from all of today's farming, so I am putting off getting the cat sitting instructions til  tomorrow. I begin cat sitting duty on Monday, after delivering Miss Puerto Rico to the airport so she can fly to her home island for ten days.....

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