Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Bird Can Not Fly With A Damaged Right Wing

A few weeks ago I found myself verbalizing my puzzlement that a particular person of my acquaintance associated herself with persons who opinionized rather extreme views, some verbalized in an extremely racist hatemongering manner.

The extremists to which I was referring are what many refer to as right wing tea bagger nutjobs.

My acquaintance tried to explain her tolerance for such by saying she needed to work with people from all points of view in order to hopefully get accomplished what she hoped to accomplish.

I was perplexed by this and said so.

My overly tolerant acquaintance then emailed me that which you see here, saying that this expressed the idea she was trying to express.


While I understood the basic concept, I saw a problem with the validity of the concept as it applies to the modern day American political spectrum.

I thought about this and decided to make my own meme, one which expressed what I think is a more accurate expression of the Left Wing and the Right Wing belong to the Same Bird Sentiment....

A bird can not fly unless both wings are healthy and functioning like wings are supposed to function, rather than one of the wings (the right one) flapping about in a nonsensical manner which is not conducive to causing the bird to soar....

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