Friday, November 6, 2015

No Fosdick Lake Egret About Yesterday's Tornado

Egrets, I've seen a few, but then again, too few to mention.

But, I will mention that I think that is an Egret I saw today sitting on the shore of Oakland Lake Park's Fosdick Lake.

No rain fell at my location during yesterday's storm. But Oakland Lake Park did look like it may have been dripped on.

Yesterday's storm was odd. All was peaceful at my location when around 4 in the afternoon the tornado siren started screaming.

Mostly blue sky, few clouds, slight wind and a tornado siren?

A couple minutes after the tornado siren stopped screaming Miss Puerto Rico texted me asking what's up with a tornado?

I then turned the weather radio on, tuned to WBAP, 820 on the AM dial, the go to station for North Texas weather events. Soon after turning the radio on I learned a tornado had touched down a few miles to the northwest of my location, somewhere near where Beach and Sylvania Streets meet up with I-820. The tornado was not on the ground for long.

But, I later learned the twister twisted  long enough for Elsie Hotpepper to see it. Elsie Hotpepper's location is near where the reports were saying the twister hit the ground. So I texted the Hotpepper to inquire as to her well being. It was from the Hotpepper reply that I learned Elsie had seen the twister.

I kept the weather radio on for a couple hours. It was very dramatic with the multiple special weather statement  updates. The storm was being worse than the predictions. Reports of 60 mph winds scooting towards Denton County. Baseball size hail hitting Decatur. Reports saying the storm was predicted to hit Fort Worth by around 8.

But, nothing happened at my location. No wind, no rain, no hail, no tornado. Nothing. Except muggy heat in the 80s.

Leaving the weather and going back to Oakland Lake Park. I saw that which you see below upon arriving.

Three women attired in Asian type garb picking some greenery. I would have inquired as to what they were picking, but I have had bad experiences with doing that previously, where the attempt to ask goes all sorts of sideways on me.

I picked a sample of every green thing I found growing and found nothing that seemed scented and herb-like.

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