Saturday, November 14, 2015

I Found No Town Talk In Irving Today

In the photo you are looking at the Saturday post-noon skyward view from my patio prison cell. The photo makes the sky appear more stormy than what my eyes see.

However, apparently, storm clouds are on their way with some anticipated water delivery.

Saturday used to be the day I could usually be counted on to go treasure hunting at Town Talk. But, lately the Town Talk treasure hunting has not been all that fruitful. That and most of the Town Talkers who I was used to seeing whilst checking out, have checked out, replaced by multiple faces I do not recognize.

This morning rather than head west I headed east, to Irving, to check out some property. I don't think I'd been to Irving since my mom and dad were here in January of 2009. I recollect driving them through Las Colinas. Prior to that I think the last time I was in Irving was to go to a Dave & Busters for Miss Puerto Rico's company Christmas party.

Anyway, Irving was a heavy traffic driving adventure today.

Changing the subject to something else.

This morning when I got myself vertical I was very pleased to find that my strained Achilles tendons were no longer in pain mode. This pleased me. So, even though the temperature was a bit below 50, I took myself on a limp-free walk to the pool where I was surprised to find myself able to have a mighty fine time.

After exiting the somewhat cool pool I did my now regular warm up routine of installing myself in sweatpants and then running as fast as I can run til the need to breathe hard stops me. This went quite well this morning with the, now, no longer hurting Achilles heels.

And now it is time for lunch. Chicken, pizza and potato salad....

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