Sunday, July 5, 2015

Today A Big Village Creek Snake Blocks My Way After Last Night's Fireworks Extravaganza

I only rolled my wheels a couple hundred feet in Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area Indian Ghost Sanctuary when I slammed the brakes to a skidding stop when the giant snake you see here slithered into view.

The snake stopped slithering long enough for me to take a picture, then it continued slithering and I continued on my way.

Later on in the wheel rolling I had another snake encounter, almost rolling over a little green snake.

I saw no signs anywhere in the Village Creek zone of any type of fireworks having been set off.

My location on the 4th of July was extremely quiet. Until the sun began to set. Then I started hearing firecrackers crack, with the cracking coming from various directions, so it was multiple people doing the firecracking.

A short time before the explosions began I had had multiple text message exchanges with Elsie Hotpepper where I told the Hotpepper my zone was dead quiet, while she told me she was taking heavy fire.

What was odd about last night's banging is it was all one note. The same type crack, over and over again, as if wherever those doing the firecracking got their firecrackers there was only one type available.

Are cherry bombs illegal in Texas?

At my old home zone in Washington last night I would have seen rockets getting launched with followup red blare, bombs bursting in air. Loud whooshing noises followed by loud bangs with displays like one sees at a fireworks show.

Last night, from my expansive balcony view I saw nothing being shot into the sky.

Just those one note firecracker cracks. Over and over again.

Spencer Jack's dad called last night. He and Spencer had attended the annual Big Lake Fireworks Show the night before. This always takes place on the 3rd of July. I don't know why.

Spencer Jack's grandma, my favorite ex-sister-in-law, Cindy, is one of those rare Washingtonians with air-conditioning. Jason said his mother was conditioning her house to 71 degrees. That sounded cold to me. It was from Spencer Jack's grandma's house the fireworks were viewed.

Western Washington broke its temperature record yesterday, something in the 90s, with the number varying depending on where in Washington ones thermometer was getting hot.

Jason told me Spencer Jack convinced him to stop at a fireworks stand by the time they passed through the 3rd Indian Reservation on their drive back home from the coast. So, fireworks of various sorts were purchased and exploded last night.

I have yet to see any video documenting Spencer Jack's fireworks.....


Steve A said...

It got up to 70 in Ocean Shores. We're dying up here! It was 58 at the Ace Hardware early yesterday morning. AC is common in Ocean Shores and I may turn ours on if the blistering heat gets any worse.

Durango said...

Steve, my nephew Spencer Jack and his dad were at Ocean Shores last week. My nephew thought it looked like Ocean Shores was not doing too well, with boarded up motels and restaurants. Last time I was there, in 2004, Ocean Shores was still the booming tourist town I always remember it as. It is HOT up there and tourist season. Seems like Ocean Shores would be packed with people.

Steve A said...

Traffic was very heavy over the whole weekend and all the restaurants were full.