Sunday, July 26, 2015

To Be Safe From Texas SWAT Attacks Arlington's Garden Of Eden Should Move To The Skagit Valley

Today we have another entry in our popular series of bloggings about something I see in a west coast online news source which I would not see in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

This morning it was my old home zone's online news source called the Skagit Valley Herald, in its online version called GoSkagit, that I saw something one would not see going on in Texas.

That being anything to do with legal marijuana, since nothing to do with marijuana is legal in Texas, not even medicinal marijuana.

The "changing landscape" part of the article's title refers to the limbo Skagit County pot growers have been in due to the county commissioner's multiple changing of interim pot growing ordinances en route to finally approving permanent regulations, sometime soon.

The changing ordinances were things like it is okay to grow your weeds outdoors, to not being okay to grow your weeds outdoors, that type thing.

The guy above, standing by his pot plants, at his Sugarleaf pot farm, applied for a pot license from the Liquor and Cannabis Board on the day it became legal to do so. A year later he got his license and has been growing cannabis ever since.

If I correctly understood what I was reading, the Sugarleaf pot farm can continue to grow its weeds outdoors, something to do with the outdoor patch being grandfathered in before the new ordinance banning outdoor pot plantings.

When I saw the photo above of the Sugarleaf pot farmer standing by some of  his plants, while it did cross  my mind that one would not see this in Texas, that thought was soon followed by thinking how bizarre it is that in one state something like growing pot is legal, while in Texas, in the town of Arlington to be specific, a  SWAT team terrorized a commune type farm known as the Garden of Eden.

Arlington police surveillance drones had determined that the Garden of Eden was growing marijuana, hence the fully armed SWAT raid, tearing apart the Garden of Eden, handcuffing the farmers, terrifying the children.

Turned out that which the police thought to be marijuana was tomato plants.

The SWAT team tried real hard to find something illegal going on at the Garden of Eden, to no avail. After a few hours the handcuffs were removed. If I remember right the police charged the Garden of Eden with some bogus thing to justify their SWAT attack. I think the complaint was the Garden of Eden's foliage was too dense, making difficult to see what was going on behind the wall of vegetation.

The leader of the Garden of Eden tried to negotiate a settlement with the City of Arlington. The City of Arlington should have been ashamed, embarrassed and apologetic, pledging to repair the damage done.

But, the City of Arlington did not do the right thing, so the town is now being sued by the Garden of Eden.

I hope the Garden of Eden gets millions in the eventual settlement. And then uses those millions to move the Garden of Eden to the Skagit Valley, where they will find fertile soil that can grow anything, including pot plants, free of any fear of a SWAT team invading their space...

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Steve A said...

One can't grow tomatoes in Ocean Shores - the deer get them. I don't know how deer feel about marijuana.