Wednesday, July 8, 2015

On FOX News Betsy Price Is A Former Bull Leading Fort Worth

I saw that which you see here on FOX News online, widely believed by very few to be the world's most reliable news source.

I don't really rely on FOX News for news, I find entertainment value in FOX News, what with the news on FOX often seeming to present some sort of alternative universe from the one most people live in.

Yesterday on FOX News online I saw an article titled How Fort Worth's Bike Riding Mayor Steers the City.

That is a screen cap from the article you see here, with the lady in yellow being Fort Worth's hugely popular populist mayor, Betsy Price.

A woman of the people. Got a problem? Take it to Betsy Price. Gas drillers causing your property to flood? Take it to Betsy Price. Being evicted by a criminal landlord? Take it to Betsy Price.

You get the drift? Got a problem? Take it to Betsy Price.

This FOX News article seems to be a puff piece bordering on propaganda, almost like some sort of advertisement paid for by the committee to have Betsy Price made a saint.

One would think that, except for one thing. The article refers to Betsy Price as the lead steer leading the Fort Worth herd. If you do not know what a steer is I screen capped a definition for your enlightenment....

So, FOX News thinks our dear leader is a castrated bull? Can that possibly be true? Does FOX News know something that is not commonly known in Fort Worth? Or does FOX News owe our dear leader an apology?

You can read the article in its entirety by going to FOX News and reading How Fort Worth's Riding Mayor Steers the City.

Below you can read the part of the article which says Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price is a castrated bull....

Texans know every herd follows a lead steer.

On several days throughout the year, you can see a herd in the old cow town of Fort Worth, Texas, a city of approximately 800,000 people, following its lead steer.  The surprise, however, is that this herd is on bicycles and its lead steer is their mayor, Betsy Price.


The Janitor said...

I get my news from Mount Vernon's favorite son, Glenn Beck. Or do I?

Durango said...

Mr. Janitor, seems like I read somewhere recently, likely not FOX News, that Glenn Beck has retired, if I remember right, due to mental health issues.