Monday, July 6, 2015

Did A Gun Toting Texan Dinosaur Come From Facebook's Texas Gun Rights?

I saw this on Facebook. I assumed it was from a Facebook page called Texas Gun Rights, what with the bottom of the graphic being

I went to and after perusing it for a bit somehow I don't think this graphic came from there, what with the graphic seeming to mock open carry gun-toting Texans as being dinosaurs.

Then again, upon going to the Texas Gun Rights Facebook page, below is the first thing I saw.

The above was followed by multiple similar type items. So, I can't tell for sure if this is some sort of parody joke type deal or someone is being serious, or if the gun-toting Texas dinosaur came from this location.

I will likely never know the answer...

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Steve A said...

I have heard that cyclists with guns openly strapped across their backs are harassed much less often by motorists than are cyclists that carry concealed.