Sunday, July 12, 2015

Apparently Texas Is The Best State In America In Which To Make A Living

A couple days ago Spencer Jack's dad sent me a link to a website's webpage about the Best States to Make a Living where I learned that Texas is currently the best place in America to make a living, with my previous home zone, Washington, the second best place to make a living.

That's a screen cap from the best place to make a living webpage you see above. Apparently last year Washington was the best place to make a living, with Texas the second best place to make a living. I could not glean from reading the article if Texas moved to number one due to Washington doing worse, or Texas doing better, or a combo of each.

Washington has a much higher average income than Texas at $52,540, with the Texas average income being $45,330. From my own observation the cost of living is higher in Washington than Texas. Gas is more expensive in Washington. As is housing. But, public transportation is cheaper and more plentiful. Apples are also cheaper in Washington than Texas, along with a lot of other fresh produce, some of which grows wild and free for the picking.

I digress.

You can click the link to read by what criteria these conclusions were reached.

The Worst States to Make a Living are also listed, with Hawaii being the worst and with the state I was born in, Oregon, being the second worst.

Oregon has no sales tax. But does have a state income tax.

Washington and Texas have no state income tax. Both raise money via the sales tax method.

Oregon can be a bit eccentric. When the rest of America went to the self serve method of filling ones tank, Oregon preserved the jobs of professional gas pumpers by making self serve gas pumping illegal, with gas pumped only by trained professionals. I do not know if Oregon still bans self serve gas pumping. It's been a few years since I had a tank filled in Oregon.


MLK said...

Every time I've been in Oregon, a station employee must pump your gas.

Durango said...

MLK, that Oregon gas pumping thing is so goofy. What do they do if a station is like a QT or Racetrack with a couple dozen pumps? Do they have a dozen or more pump jockeys? Seems like this must make gas more expensive in Oregon. Then again, they don't add sales tax to the final price.