Saturday, July 11, 2015

Another Alligator Not Caught In Downtown Fort Worth

Yesterday I blogged about the capture of the 10 foot long blind alligator which had been terrorizing downtown Fort Worth ever since it was flushed in to town by last month's flooding.

In that blogging I opined that this was something one would never see in the Seattle Times, a reversal of my popular series of bloggings about things I read in west coast online news sources which I would never read in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.


This morning I found a blog comment from Steve A which sort of contradicts what I'd opined about not seeing such a thing as an alligator capture in an article in the Seattle Times about an alligator terrorizing the Seattle zone on one of the town's lakes  or saltwater beaches.

Steve A's comment....

Steve A has left a new comment on your post "Downtown Fort Worth's Blind Alligator Pulled From Trinity River So Rockin' The River Can Resume":

Hmm, they caught an alligator last year in Ocean Shores - 

There are some major differences in the two alligator incidents.

The Ocean Shores alligator was a woman's pet, kept in a kid's swimming pool in her apartment. The woman had had this unusual pet for years. Someone tipped off the police, a warrant was issued, but then someone tipped off the Alligator Woman, who then tried to escape with her alligator, just as police arrived to find the gator in the backseat of the woman's vehicle, thwarting the attempted escape.

The alligator was then taken to a nature preserve. I am guessing it was a different nature preserve than the one Fort Worth's downtown alligator was taken to....

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Steve A said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that the OS alligator was also reported on by the Seattle Times at although it was not IN an apartment as they note in the story text.