Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Indian Ghosts Close Village Creek Due To Flooding While Mallard Cove Dries Up

This afternoon I heard the Indian Ghosts who haunt Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area calling me.

So, I rolled my motorized wheels to Arlington to find the Natural Historical Area closed due to flooding.

That surprised me since it has not rained, as far as I know, since Bill visited on Wednesday.

I did not feel like rolling on to one of Arlington's other parks where I take my handlebars, like River Legacy or Veterans Park.

So, I dejectedly turned around and headed home.

I got to Cooks Lane and then it occurred to me to continue north on Cooks Lane, past John T. White Road, to Randol Mill Road to take a left to check out Mallard Cove Park to see if it was a muddy mess from being flooded.


I got to the Mallard Cove Park parking lot, got out, walked til I had a view of the paved trails and was surprised to see no indication that this place had been recently inundated with water. I figured when the water receded there would be mud, litter, logs, all sorts of a mess.

But, if I have not seen it flooded, today I would not have thought anything at all unusual had happened here. The grass was recently mowed. Everything looked clean as new.

Below is the picture I took from the same vantage point as the picture above. You can see the bench above under water in the picture below...

You can see mud in the lower left of the above picture. Where did all that mud go? You can see other pictures of what a flooded Mallard Cove Park looked like in the blogging titled Mallard Cove Park Is Underwater With Some Mysterious Bubbles Burbling along with video of the burbling.

All in all I ended up having myself a mighty fine time rolling my wheels around Mallard Cove, even though there were no Indian Ghosts making their presence known...


Anonymous said...

Don't the residents out there still have water on their property?

Durango said...

Anonymous, as I drove Randol Mill from Cooks Lane west to Mallard Cove I saw no water on anyone's property.