Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Talking To My Mom While Staying Dry Waiting For Tropical Storm Bill

I don't think Tropical Storm Bill is scheduled to arrive at my location on the planet til tomorrow.

But, as you can see, looking west over the security fence spears which protect me from evil deeds by evil doers, it's already looking stormy.

A few drops dripped on me this morning whilst in the pool. Drops steadily dripped on me a few minutes ago when I walked up the hill to Albertsons.

If this incoming Tropical Storm drops Hurricane Hermine levels of water, what then? What with the rivers and reservoirs already full.

Changing the subject from one Tropical Storm to another one.

When I woke up my phone this morning I saw that my mom had called me twice yesterday in the early evening. I had my phone with me at all times. I got other calls. But I heard no mom calls ringing and the two missed calls thing did not show up til this morning.

So, I texted my dad to ask if they were home and by the phone. Dad texted back with a yes. So, I called their land line, mom answers on the first ring, with me telling mom that I hear you are home and by the phone.

Apparently when mom called yesterday both times it rang and rang and rang and then a recording said something like you may now dial the number of the party you want to speak to.

Mom and dad did not know their one and only great grandson, Spencer Jack, was currently surfing in Hawaii. I hope Spencer Jack finds the time to send his great grandparental units a postcard from Hawaii.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure Spencer Jack knows what a postcard is or how they are suppose to work. Is that an app on his IPod? This blogger is sure dating himself.