Monday, June 1, 2015

Scam Business Posing As City Agency At Large In Tarrant County

I do not know what to make of that which you see here, sent to me a few minutes ago via email.

In addition to that which you see here, all the email said was "Too Funny".

I believe Panther Fest is a Trinity River Central City Panther Island Vision Boondoggle product.

I know for certain Panther Fest is scheduled to take place this coming Saturday, June 6. And that part of the Fest is a long water slide sliding from the north end of downtown Fort Worth over the Main Street bridge over the Trinity.

I also know that some business entity has sold this slide concept to other towns across America, including Seattle.

The Fort Worth Panther Fest slide version, what with it being associated with America's Biggest Boondoggle, also includes beer.

Near as I can tell this scam warning is coming from the City of Fort Worth.

Is the scam business the city is warning us about the people bringing the slide to town?

Or is the scam business, posing as a public agency, that the city is warning us about, the Trinity River Vision Authority?

Has the city finally come to its senses?

After all, many believe America's Biggest Boondoggle to be a scam business, posing as a public agency, dawdling along, getting little done, taking four years to build three simple little bridges over dry land, wasting money on all sorts of tom foolery, like drunken inner tubing beer parties in the polluted Trinity River, ice skating rinks, paying double market value to buy some contaminated land from a bankrupt friend, followed by building the world's first drive-in movie theater of the 21st century, along with a ridiculous amount of propaganda, in signage and print publication touting the wonders of a public works project the public has never voted for, which has accomplished little in well over a decade of boondoggling...

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