Thursday, June 25, 2015

Relative Annoyances Sent Me Seeking Endorphins On My Bald Tires

I've been experiencing some relative annoyance of late. This morning brought a fresh round.

Before this morning's fresh round of relative annoyance I had medicated myself, in anticipation of a fresh round of relative annoyance by aerobicizing in the pool with sufficient enthusiasm to generate a good dose of endorphins.

Well before noon the salubrious endorphin effect had begun to wear off, so I decided to roll my handlebars to my neighborhood golf course, Woodhaven Country Club, to get myself a new dose of endorphins.

So far, this afternoon, no fresh relative annoyance to ruin my good mood.

A new annoyance has cropped up, however.

I need to get myself some new bike tires. I have worn the current ones pretty much bald.

Fixing bald tires should be a lot easier than fixing relative annoyances...

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