Saturday, June 6, 2015

On The Tandy Hills Finding A Hoodoo Towering Above The Fort Worth Skyline

Currently, early in the afternoon, at my location on the planet, the outer world has been heated to 90 degrees.

The Tandy Hills were not that HOT when I did a little hill hiking in the noon time frame.

Just to the west of Tandy Hills Hoodoo Central, at the north end of the View Street trail, I came upon the Hoodoo you see here, towering above the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth.

There is a town in Utah called Mexican Hat, so named because of a nearby rock formation which looks like a sombrero. I don't know why the town was named Mexican Hat and not Mexican Sombrero.

Anyway, the top of today's Hoodoo looks like the Mexican Hat rock formation.

A much higher than the norm number of hill hikers were on the Tandy Hills today. I came upon seven different groups of sizes ranging from two to five. Most crowded I've ever seen the Tandy Hills other than Prairie Fest, Manly Man Wild Woman and Brush Bashing Days.

On the View Street Trail I came upon the act of vandalism you see below.

Why would some miscreant mark up one of the Tandy Hills trail signposts in this manner?

Today's hill hiking had me wondering how it is I manage this activity when the temperature gets into the 100 degree zone. I suppose the extremely high humidity made today's heat a bit more daunting.

After the hill hiking was done it was off to Town Talk for my regularly scheduled Saturday treasure hunting.

I got 10 pounds of Italian sausage. I got home to find the box did not fit in the freezer. I opened the sausage box to find links strung together. 56 links. It took awhile to get them unlinked and re-packaged. I also got several pounds of carrots, 5 pounds of Gorgonzola. I think I am getting addicted to Gorgonzola. Also got broccoli, tortillas, yogurt, black beans, garbanzos and a watermelon.

It is time for lunch now.

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Anonymous said...

SNAFU at the Slide Fest / Pantherfest. Dud Kennedy's Twitter page has the story.

Film at 11. Belay my last. Film at 10 or not. Probably not. Who knows.