Monday, June 1, 2015

First Day Of June Biking Around The Evergreen State Of Texas

The  flooded month of May greatly hampered my outdoor activities. No Tandy Hills hiking, one or two bike rides, a walk with the Village Creek Natural Historical Area Indian Ghosts, with way too many walks around my neighborhood, mostly up the hill to Albertsons.

Even going swimming was affected by the May rains.

A consequence of all this slothfulness has been rapid weight gain, with my pound total zooming back over 190.

Well, all that slothfulness changes as of today, the first day of June and the first blue sky, wind-free day, at my location in Texas, for what seems a long time.

So, I took my bike on a post flood inspection tour of my neighborhood. The only thing I saw that was storm related was a lot of mud at a low point on Canyon Creek Drive.

Where my handlebars are pointing at, above, is my neighborhood golf course, the Woodhaven Country Club. As you can see, the golf course has greatly benefited from the copious rain, consequently sporting a lush emerald shade of green.

My old home state, Washington, is known as the Evergreen State. Seattle is known as the Emerald City. With the entire state of Washington in severe drought mode I wonder how brown the landscape will get before some nickname changing takes place?

The last time I flew north, summer of 2008, Washington was in drought mode, with the brown landscape surprising me as I descended from the clouds expecting to see the multi shades of green I was used to seeing in Washington.

With all this climate change drastically going on, is Texas going to need to change its nickname from Lone Star State to Evergreen State?

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