Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cowtown Wakepark Is Still Closed Due To Flooding So No Wakeboarding For Me Today

I woke up this morning thinking today would be a good day to try something new, something like wakeboarding, I thought, would be a good change from my regular repetitive exercise routines.

So, I Googled Cowtown Wakepark, to find the website for the world's premiere urban wakeboard facility, with that facility provided by the Trinity River Central City Panther Island Vision Boondoggle in an effort to give Fort Worth's residents the opportunity to participate in the exciting sport of wakeboarding, to paraphrase the Boondoggle's propaganda.

Well, the above is what I found. Cowtown Wakepark is currently closed due to flooding.

Why would anyone think it a good idea to build something where it is going to go under water anytime the river next door floods?

How much damage is done to Cowtown Wakepark by a flood? If I remember right there is only one permanent type structure that would go under water, that being a shabby looking building that I think functions as the office or headquarters for this bizarre operation.

I assume this facility uses the Fort Worth norm for restroom facilities, with the outhouses being able to be moved to high ground when a flood threatens.

How does the Cowtown Wakepark stay above water, financially? Wakeboarding is only doable when the temperature is warm and the river is not flooding. I think only three people at a time can wakeboard, with a session lasting something like 20 minutes, maybe a half hour.

What happens when dozens of locals show up, wanting to participate in this exciting new sport? Seems like there'd be a long wait. Does not seem, to me, to be a very good business model. It'd be like a ride at Six Flags only able to accommodate 10 people an hour. Makes no sense.

Then again, this is a product of America's Biggest Boondoggle, so making no sense makes sense....

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Anonymous said...

I love wake boarding there. They are still down. I don't know why. The water has receded. Checked on July 4th.

They charge $22 to get started - 2 hours on certain days and times with learning cable. They charge $35 with equipment needed for 4 hours. $49 for all day with equipment. They have specials if you want to ride a lot.

They can pull 5 people at a time. There is sometimes a wait to get on unless there is a party of new wake boarders. They usually get tired pretty soon so the line disappears within 2 hours. I avoid this by arriving at 2 or 3 P.M. until close.

If they open again, you should try it so you don't have to speculate.