Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Biking With Flood Soaked Village Creek Indian Ghosts & Armadillo Roadkill

Today, for the first time since the Great Texas Flood, Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area's Indian Ghosts were available for visiting.

The flood appeared to have swept Village Creek free of its usual collection of litter.

The two photos you see here were not taken in the Village Creek Natural Historical Area. These two photo were taken on the Bob Findlay Linear Park trail that one comes to when one exits the Historical Area and enters the Interlochen neighborhood.

The Indian Ghosts also haunt the Bob Findlay Linear Park, what with it being the location of one of the more notorious battles to which the Village Creek Indians were subjected, that being the battle which turned either Tarrant or Denton into a ghost. I can never remember which one, or what rank they held, captain, general, corporal or what.

As you can see above, on the Bob Findlay Linear Park trail there are mirrors installed so as to facilitate the easy taking of what are known as "selfies".

Is that not one bright blue sky? Only 11 days until the arrival of Summer.

There was a lot of lawn mowing and weed whacking going on in the Village Creek zone today. I was not liking all the grass dust blowing in the wind causing a couple allergic sneezes.

I could tell by the mud line that Village Creek flooded possibly higher than I'd seen it flood before.

At one point I was rolling along at high speed to find myself doing some brake slamming due to the trail being blocked by what you see above.

Was this a flood damage repair project? I could not tell. The men repairing the damage and I did not speak a language we both understood. I asked a pair of fellow bikers, who were also stopped by the obstruction, if this was flood damage related. They said they wondered the same thing.

It was fairly easy to get around the blocked area and continue on.

I saw my first armadillo roadkill of the year today. Where have all the armadillos gone? Today's roadkill armadillo was the first armadillo I have seen in a long time.

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