Friday, June 26, 2015

A Happy Hour Rockin' The Indian Ghosts Bike Ride In Arlington's Interlochen

Can you see the Indian Ghosts sitting on the supposedly empty bench, looking out over the land on which their village was built a long long time ago?

What with there being Indian Ghosts sitting on a bench this would seem to indicate my handlebars are in the vicinity of Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

Specifically my handlebars are looking northwest from a sidewalk in the Interlochen neighborhood, looking at an Interlochen loch and Village Creek.

In the past week, or so, my attempts to visit the Indian Ghosts have been thwarted by the area being closed due to flooding.

Via muddy residue, well, what once was mud, but which has now been rendered into thick dust, I could see how high the water rose.

I don't know if Village Creek rose to a record breaking flood level, but if it didn't, I think it got close. A lot of flood damage residue has been left in the flood's wake.

More rain is on the menu for tomorrow, with possible thunderstorms. I hope we don't go into flood mode again.

It gets old.

That and all this flooding is causing my favorite local activity to be postponed over and over again. I am referring to the Rockin' the River Happy Hour Inner Tube Floats in the currently bloated and polluted Trinity River, which America's Biggest Boondoggle is now touting as being the same water as our drinking water, with that lovely muddy brown color coming from clay.

Not pollution....

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The Janitor said...

Your old pal JD Granger is in pic #68. You'll have to find the one with Bud Kennedy yourself.