Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Doctor Visit Had Me Rolling My Wheels In River Legacy Park Along A Still Flooding Trinity River

A doctor appointment had me in Euless this morning. The location of that appointment was a short distance from Collins Road. A short distance south on Collins Road, from that location, takes one to the Collins Road entry to River Legacy Park.

So, since I was in the neighborhood, I decided to roll my bike wheels on a few miles of the River Legacy Park paved trails.

That is the Trinity River my handlebars are looking at. Well, actually the handlebars are on the bridge that crosses Hurricane Creek, so that would be Hurricane Creek and the flooding Trinity River you are looking at.

In the River Legacy Park zone there are two creeks, Hurricane and Boyd Branch, which serve during a flood as escape valves, with the Trinity rushing in at high speed, filling multiple flood control basins that look like lakes, particularly now that they have been filled up. The Trinity has now receded enough that water is flowing back into the river from Hurricane Creek, instead of vice versa. I have seen this going both ways at the point in the process where Hurricane Creek becomes a roaring rapids.

Below is a look at one of the lakes filled by Boyd Branch. This one is the last one you come to before you reach the 7 miles end of the trail mark.

Above, on side of the lake opposite the handlebars you can see a little spot of white rising above the green. That would be the Dallas Cowboy Stadium.

I came upon two instances of the sign you see below, posted beside the trail.

The signs inform that the trail is closed ahead, that a better safer trail is being built due to erosion repairs.

Well, the trail was not closed at any point. I already mentioned I made it to the 7 mile end point. I saw no signs of any trail erosion. The paved trail appeared. to me, to be in great shape.

At the 5 mile point I came upon that which you see below, newly installed since last I rolled on this trail.

A bike repair station! On the left, attached to cords, are a  selection of various tools one might need to make a bike repair. The sign on the tool holder has one of those smart phone code deals which told you to scan it to get bike repair instructions. On the right is an extremely solid bike tire pump, with a gauge.

My worst flat tire experience ever occurred near this repair station. It was miles of walking the bike back to civilization. Walking when the air was heated to over 100. I don't think this bike repair station would have been of any use to me on that occasion.

As I drove into the Viridian development zone on Collins I was amazed at how much this has grown since I was last at this location. The landscaping along the road is impressive.

About a year ago I biked into the Viridian development. That was not possible today, not from the River Legacy Park trail. You can see why below.

I wonder if Viridian is going ahead with their original plan to turn the lake you see here into a public access beach type deal. Years ago I was told that that was the plan, back before Viridian was put on hold due to the Great Recession.

I had two snake encounters today. The first encounter was with a big snake. This gave me a good dose of adrenalin. The second snake was a little one.

A surprising number people where enjoying rolling their wheels. Many of them appeared nearing what one might characterize as elderly. I know I hope to be an 80 year old biker one day.....

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Anonymous said...

The bike repair station isn't in Fort Worth so you flat don't need it. Haha! Flat don't need it! Flat don't need it!