Monday, January 26, 2015

Visiting Mom & Dad In Arizona With My Favorite Ex-Sister-In-Law

In my email this morning I found a photo from Spencer Jack of his grandma and great-grandparental units.

On the left you are looking at my favorite ex-sister-in-law, named Cindy, standing next to my dad and mom in front of mom and dad's abode in Sun Lakes, Arizona.

Cindy is currently making her first multi-day visit to the Phoenix Metroplex.

My favorite ex-sister-in-law is not much of a football fan. I think it is likely Cindy booked her stay in Glendale without realizing the Super Bowl would take place during her stay there.

I can say with 100% certainty that when booking her trip to Arizona Cindy did not know the Seattle Seahawks would be coming to Glendale during her stay there to play in the Super Bowl.

I am impressed Cindy managed to find my mom and dad's abode. Glendale is at the far west end of the Phoenix Metroplex, while Sun Lakes is at the far southeast end of the Phoenix Metroplex.

Getting to Sun Lakes would not be all that tricky, what with freeways taking you most of the way. But once you enter Sun Lakes confusion easily reigns. My first day there I got totally lost just walking around the neighborhood, not knowing then that while my mom and dad live on East Olive Lane North, there is also West Olive Lane North, along with East and West Olive Lane South.

I suspect Cindy is enjoying the Arizona break from Pacific Northwest SAD (Seasonally Affected Disorder). I would not be surprised if Cindy becomes the latest  of my "relatives" to take up seasonal residence in Arizona.


Football fan in Fort Worth said...

What are those two little creatures in front toting lumber?

Your ex-sister-in-law will end up somewhere in front of the super bowl or she will be alone on Sunday.

I just hope she can do a great job pretending to enjoy it and not aggravate the true fans.

DU said...

I guess Arizona's dry climate doesn't require the wearing of wooden shoes (clogs, klomp, klompen).

Steve A said...

Maybe they have a big tv screen outside University of Phoenix stadium she can pay $25 to watch like the one they have at Cowboy Stadium.