Friday, January 2, 2015

Under A Bumbershoot Hunting Tomatoes While Pondering The Sad Fate Of The TCU Froggies

If you looked at this picture and guessed I was in the outer world under a bumbershoot you would have guessed correctly.

This morning I was in the hot tub before the dawn of the new day. At that point in time only a fine mist was precipitating.

But, when the sun arrived to illuminate the darkness that fine mist turned into big drops of cold wetness.

When the noon time frame I arrived I  felt the need to be vertical. I also felt the need to acquire some Ro-Tel diced tomatoes with green chiles to add to the pot of chili I brewed this morning.

A bowl of hot chili is quite salubrious on a cold day like today.

I had to make my way through several flooding zones to make it to Albertsons to get the aforementioned diced tomatoes.

Checking in on Facebook today I noted a lot of concern about college football bowl games which took place on New Years Day.

Many of the locals seem to think the local team known as the TCU Froggies was robbed somehow by not getting to play in some special game where winning that special game would have meant, I guess, that the TCU Froggies are very special.

Some seem to think the Froggies are owed some sort of apology. Others go to the extreme of thinking an investigation needs to take place into what some apparently think has been a gross miscarriage of justice.

I confess I pay little attention to football, for the most part. I do know that this year there is some sort of championship deal between four teams and that it was not being included as one of those four teams which has the Froggies all bumpuzzled.

Yesterday the Froggies gave a sound thrashing to a school called Old Miss, which greatly fueled the fires of feeling the Froggies should have been one of the Final Four.

I don't quite get why beating a team known as Old Miss would be considered a big deal.

I don't know by what complex criteria this Final Four for the championship is determined. It may have something to do with the size of a school.

TCU, also known as Texas Christian University, is a very small school. I am talking about the size of the campus. You can walk from one end to the other in five minutes. I have been to major universities where you can not drive from one end to the other in five minutes, such as the University of Washington, and others.

Does TCU play in a big league? I have no idea. Like I said, I don't pay much attention beyond the chatter and noise.

However, I do know that both the Dallas Cowboys and the Seattle Seahawks are in the NFL playoffs. I have heard it said that once again the road to the Super Bowl goes through Seattle. This has something to do with home field advantage in the playoff games. I do not know if Dallas has a similar advantage.

Is is possible that Dallas might play Seattle in this year's Super Bowl? I think Dallas already beat Seattle once this year. I really do not know who I might root for if Dallas and Seattle are in this year's Super Bowl. Will Cowboy Stadium be open so fans can watch on the big screen like was done for a boring World Cup soccer game last summer?

If so, I think I shall be there......

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