Saturday, December 6, 2014

On My Way Today To Walk With The Village Creek Indian Ghosts I Had An Encounter With A Machine Gun Toting Santa

On this first Saturday of the last month of 2014, on my way to go bike riding with the Indian Ghosts who haunt Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area, I stopped at Sam's Club to squirt some gas into the tank of my mechanized bike conveying device.

In the midst of squirting the gas I looked across the street to find myself startled by Santa Claus brandishing what looked to me to be a machine gun.

I am guessing this is an "Only in Texas" type thing.

Where even saintly Santa is an open carry advocate, jolly while waving a weapon at people passing by.

Santa is doing his gun slinging from the roof of a business located on Eastchase Parkway, across the street from the Eastchase Super Walmart in far East Fort Worth, near where Fort Worth becomes Arlington.

As you can see above, the business Santa is guarding is a Fort Worth Gun store. Santa is aiming towards those driving west on the entry lane to Interstate 30. I would imagine there has been a motorist, or two, startled at seeing this type behavior from Santa Claus.

I had no incidents with gun toting Indian Ghost aficionados in the Village Creek zone today. A lot of people were out enjoying the perfect weather.

About half the homes I saw in the Interlochen neighborhood appeared to be ready with their Christmas displays. A couple homes were lit up in the midday sun, with one of those sporting a lot of glowing purple lights glowing bright, causing me to think this house must be blindingly bright at night.

It has been several years since I braved the Interlochen Christmas traffic jam. I have no inclination to see those bright lights this year.

I will be experiencing Christmas in the Fort Worth Stockyards, though, on the evening of December 15.

I hope the Fort Worth Stockyards Santa is armed with a more era appropriate firearm, something like a Colt 45, or a Winchester rifle....

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