Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas To Aunt Arlene Who Says Jake & I Don't Know Who The Santa Is

I think I've already made mention of the fact that I don't mail anyone a Christmas Card.

However, every December I do mail one Christmas letter, to my Aunt Arlene, who lives in Othello, Washington.

My Christmas letter to Aunt Arlene is always written after I get that year's Aunt Arlene Christmas Card in which there is usually a letter with questions requiring answers,  hence my Christmas letter reply to Aunt Arlene.

Throughout the year I sometimes get letters from Aunt Arlene which also generate replies. Those Aunt Arlene letters have often been prompted by Aunt Arlene being appalled about something she read about which took place in Texas.

Things such as Rick Perry being the governor of this formerly fine state and his embarrassing antics.

I thought I'd hear from Aunt Arlene during the recent Texas election debacle which saw Rick Perry replaced by someone who seems as if he could be even worse, Greg Abbott.

Well, tonight I checked in on my mailbox to find this year's Christmas Card from Aunt Arlene.

It is now too close to Christmas to get a Christmas letter back to Aunt Arlene. That and this year's Aunt Arlene Christmas Card did not include a letter with questions in need of answering.

I believe Aunt Arlene is Christmasing on the Oregon coast, at Cannon Beach, at my favorite cousin Scott's beach cabin. I am hoping cousin Scott reads this and is able to relay to his mama, Aunt Arlene, my hope that Aunt Arlene has herself a Very Merry Christmas.

I almost forgot to mention. On the envelope of Aunt Arlene's Christmas Card I did not notice, til well after its opening, that which you see scanned above.

A drawing of Santa looking at two sleeping little boys, with Aunt Arlene writing "You and Jake Don't know who the Santa is!"

This is true. We don't know who the Santa is.

I just realized, unless I explain, most of you would not know who Jake is.

Jake is my little brother. Jake is also my grand nephew, Spencer Jack's, grandpa, which would also make Jake Spencer Jack's dad's dad, Jason.....

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Befuddled in FW said...

So not only do we not know who Santa was, but we need a cryptographer to figure out who Jake is. Must you purposely confuse your readers with gobbledygook?