Monday, December 29, 2014

I Think I Am Ready For A Major Texas Ice Storm To Blow Into Town

This morning on Facebook I found a fresh update from my favorite Texas weather guru, John Basham, which raises the possibility that we may be heading into an epic New Year's Eve, New Year's Day apocalyptic weather event of the Ice Storm sort.

Ice Storms are my least favorite Texas weather event.

If an Ice Storm blows in in a couple days, I am ready for it. I am stocked with vittles. I am walking distance from my New Year's Eve Party location. My Coleman stove and lantern are fully fueled. Firewood is ready to be burned should the fireplace be needed for heat if the power goes out.

WINTER WEATHER FORECAST - MON DEC 29 2014 850AM - TEXAS & SOUTHERN PLAINS - We have issued our graphical forecast for Tuesday from 6am through 10pm. Additional winter weather across an increased area possible through Saturday morning. Wednesday Texas will see a bit of a break from the wintry precipitation (at least that's the way it looks now) BUT THURSDAY could be a real problem with the potential for a major ice storm across a large swath of Texas and potentially millions of people. We will update the Thursday forecast this afternoon with some newer data in hopes that we will see continued computer model agreement beyond 60 hours. Everyone is advised to prepare for this potential Major Winter Weather event. While there is still a GREAT DEGREE of uncertainty about the potential impacts of this event. If trends continue then there could easily be widespread power interruptions and travel issues. More information to follow soon. THIS IS NOT AN NWS PRODUCT.

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